Israel and Hamas

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Only America can save Israel and Gaza from greater catastrophe

Iran, Russia and China are profiting from the mayhem

What evidence reveals about the Gaza hospital blast’s source

The damage points to a malfunctioning rocket, not an air strike

Biden pleads the case for Israel, Ukraine—and American leadership

The president will seek up to $100bn in supplemental funding for national security

The Arab world thinks differently about this war

But Israel’s evidence about a hospital strike still carries little weight

Mapping the destruction in Gaza

At least 4.3% of the enclave’s buildings appear to have been destroyed

Israel’s four unpalatable options for Gaza’s long-term future

The path to Israel’s preferred outcome is littered with obstacles

As Israel’s invasion of Gaza nears, the obstacles get more daunting



Ehud Barak blames Binyamin Netanyahu for “the greatest failure in Israel’s history”

A former prime minister says “destroying Hamas” is unrealistic

Is Israel acting within the laws of war?

Even lawful evacuations and attacks on Hamas will exact a heavy civilian toll in Gaza

Israel faces the danger of fighting on a second front

In Lebanon Hizbullah fighters talk up the odds of war

Will Israel’s agony and retribution end in chaos or stability?

Much depends on its offensive in Gaza—and its politicians and neighbours

Netanyahu wages war and fights for his own survival

A new emergency cabinet brings military experience, but not necessarily restraint


Hamas and Gaza

Hamas tunnels under Gaza will be a key battlefield for Israel

Underground warfare is terrifying, claustrophobic and slow

Southern Gaza could become more densely populated than Delhi

An influx of displaced people will make it one of the most crammed places anywhere

Fear and anger rise on the West Bank

Hamas says it wants to trigger a Palestinian uprising

Israel needs to resist irrational retaliation

The lessons from past wars on terror


War and diplomacy

Vladimir Putin’s plan to profit from the Israel-Hamas war

Russia and China spy an opportunity to distract and discredit America

To save Palestinian lives in Gaza, open the crossing into Egypt

Antony Blinken’s shuttle diplomacy urgently needs to succeed. Here is how

Can Egypt be persuaded to accept Gazan refugees?

The country’s economic vulnerability offers leverage


1843 magazine

1843 magazine | How one kibbutz defended itself from Hamas

Hundreds were saved. But a group of Gazan farmers died in the battle

1843 magazine | People in Gaza hate the night. All they can see are explosions

Palestinians hide in the darkness, waiting for a ground offensive

1843 magazine | “It’s an Anne Frank situation”: an Israeli professor hides from Hamas

I barricaded myself in my safe room and struggled to comprehend what was going on


Explaining the war

How powerful is Hamas?

Long politically dominant in Gaza, it has become better equipped militarily

A short history of the Arab-Israeli conflict

Explaining the complex crisis in maps

What is Palestinian Islamic Jihad?

Israel blames the group for a deadly explosion at a hospital in Gaza

A short history of Gaza

To understand this war, consider the territory’s past

What is Hizbullah?

The Iran-backed militia has long resented Israel

The Israel-Palestine conflict: a reading list

Six books that shed light on a century of violence


By Invitation

Naftali Bennett argues that Israel’s future depends on striking fear into its enemies’ hearts

Regional foes must be confronted in new ways, says Israel’s former prime minister

Nasser al-Kidwa on why it was inevitable that Gaza would erupt in violence

The Palestinian movement can be reinvigorated, if it is restructured, says the former Palestinian foreign minister

Nimrod Novik on the false premises and failure of vision that led to the Hamas attacks

In the long run, Israelis have no partner for peace other than the Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian cause has been damaged by factionalism, argues a former prime minister

Salam Fayyad believes that even now there is a route to greater unity—and eventual peace

The crisis shows the failure of Israeli policy towards Palestinians, says Shlomo Brom

The former military strategist argues that a divide-and-conquer strategy can never bring peace


The war in video

Video Explainer

Is Israel breaking the rules of war?

The laws of engagement are complicated—proportionality is crucial

Video Explainer

Israel and the Palestinians: a century of conflict

How wars and uprisings have changed the map of the region

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Israel and Gaza: the attacks, politics and implications

Barbaric attacks, brutal retaliation

Video Explainer

What is Hamas?

The dominant group in Gaza launched an attack on Israel last week