Ukraine at war

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Since Vladimir Putin ordered his tanks across the Ukrainian frontier in February 2022, little has gone to plan. The outcome of the war is still highly uncertain and Mr Putin remains under pressure. Below you will find our most recent coverage, including assessments of Ukraine’s counter-offensive and the consequences of an open revolt against the Kremlin by Wagner mercenaries, as well as an eight-part podcast about the future of Russia.

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Latest analysis

How a 31-year-old hopes to fix Ukraine’s state-owned defence giant

It won’t be easy, but nothing in Ukraine is

Can Russia repeat its winter bombing of Ukraine’s electricity grid?

Estimates of its capacity to make missiles vary

Ukraine prepares for winter again as Russia targets its power grid

Things may be tougher this time

The costs of Russia’s war are about to hit home

Vladimir Putin will be unable to protect citizens from the pain

The war in Ukraine is a powerful reason to enlarge—and improve—the EU

Nine new countries, including Ukraine, are vying to join

Tracking the Ukraine war: where is the latest fighting?


The military campaigns

Ukraine faces a long war. A change of course is needed

Its backers should pray for a speedy victory—but plan for a long struggle

An interview with the head of Ukraine’s defence intelligence

“Warehouses in the West are not completely empty. No matter what anyone says,” says Kyrylo Budanov

Are Ukraine’s tactics working?

Slow progress on the battlefield prompts quarrels over strategy

How the Pentagon assesses Ukraine’s progress

A rare interview with America’s Defence Intelligence Agency

Inside Ukraine’s assassination programme

Its agents have become expert in dark revenge. But some worry a clear strategy is absent

Inside Ukraine’s drone war against Putin

New types of drone are striking deep inside Russia, but scaling up is hard


Video insights

Video Explainer

3D printing and DIY: Ukraine’s drone revolution

Desperation is the mother of invention

Video Profile

The fall of Yevgeny Prigozhin

The mercenary leader’s death shows there are no limits to Putin’s ruthlessness

Video Sinking the Moskva

What secret weapon sank Russia’s flagship?

Destroying the Moskva helped secure Ukraine’s coast from invasion

Video Drones and swarms

How the conflict in Ukraine is shaping the future of war

Drones and AI technology will become increasingly important

Video A new contender

Ukraine war: How China could end up the real winner

With the fighting grinding on, can China take advantage of a newly emerging world order?

Video Behind the data

Using satellite data to track Ukraine’s counter-offensive

How fires lift the fog of war


Life for Ukrainians

To endure a long war, Ukraine is remaking its army, economy and society

The improvisation and decentralisation of the early part of the war will no longer suffice

Ukraine’s small Jewish community is thriving

After centuries of discrimination Jews are proud to be Ukrainian

1843 magazine | Russia has taken thousands of Ukrainian kids. Some don’t want to go home

Families search in vain through a maze of foster homes and holiday camps

Is Ukraine really interested in fighting corruption?

Volodymyr Zelensky removes his defence minister and goes after an oligarch

1843 magazine | This narrow, rocky path is the last open route between Russia and Ukraine

A trickle of refugees from occupied territory crosses into Sumy each day



Western help for Ukraine is likely to diminish next year

There is a shortage of weapons and munitions—and, in some quarters, goodwill

Republicans are turning against Ukraine

The House is looking increasingly divided amid talks of more aid

Why is Vladimir Putin looking to North Korea for arms?

A deal would boost his war effort and bolster Kim Jong Un’s weapons programme

Donald Trump will “never” support Putin, says Volodymyr Zelensky

But Ukraine’s president fears that some of his country’s Western backers are losing faith


Domestic Russia

1843 magazine | It’s not the drone strikes that are hurting Moscow, it’s the traffic jams

Ukraine’s campaign has caused limited damage, but Muscovites are finding it harder to get about

Yevgeny Prigozhin’s death may consolidate Putin’s power

But it undermines the notion that Russia functions like a normal state

Prigozhin’s death shows that Russia is a mafia state

A healthy country uses justice to restore order. Mr Putin uses violence instead

Russians have emigrated in huge numbers since the war in Ukraine

The exodus adds to Vladimir Putin’s economic woes


Global economic fallout

Russia will struggle to cope with a sinking rouble

What does the currency’s collapse mean for Vladimir Putin’s ability to wage war?

Why Russia’s bombings of Ukrainian ports have jolted wheat prices

Global supplies of grain are plentiful for now, but at greater risk

Why the EU will not seize Russian state assets to rebuild Ukraine

It fears the precedent of undermining state immunity under international law

Rebuilding Ukraine will require money, but also tough reforms

Policymakers, financiers and business types meet in London to discuss plans