Food for thought

Despite Brexit and the government, British manufacturing is doing well

But food and drug firms have fared better than carmakers


How rationing became the fashion under the Tories

When queues, cajoling and ministerial diktat trump need

Garden of England

The rise of English viticulture

A land rush for vineyards

Sickness service to health service

The world’s largest health-research study is under way in Britain

It is aimed at saving Britons—and the NHS

Joining up the bots

Britain’s NHS is trying once again to collate patients’ data

The project is imperfect and controversial, but the technology is needed


Scottish independence has become a long game

Where does that leave the SNP?

Park life

Britain’s national parks are not protecting nature

Why is Dartmoor in such a bad way?

Off the boiler

How will Britain turn off its gas grid?

Gas has been piped to British homes for 50 years. Switching it off will be a headache

Gender and politics

Why British politicians are defending women-only spaces

Labour and the Conservatives end up agreeing on a contentious issue


Why a British challenger bank got into trouble

And what Metro Bank’s narrow escape means for competition

There is an alternative

Britain’s Labour Party embraces supply-side social democracy

Sir Keir Starmer’s agenda for government starts with reforms to planning

Labouring a point

Even when he glitters, Sir Keir Starmer still struggles to shine

Whether that will matter to British voters remains to be seen