Israel’s war on Hamas

Mapping the destruction in Gaza

At least 4.3% of the enclave’s buildings appear to have been destroyed

When the shooting stops

Israel’s four unpalatable options for Gaza’s long-term future

The path to Israel’s preferred outcome is littered with obstacles

No place for a war

As Israel’s invasion of Gaza nears, the obstacles get more daunting

It must avoid a second front, protect civilians and save hostages while fighting at close quarters

Maelstrom in the Middle East

The Arab world thinks differently about this war

But Israel’s evidence about a hospital strike still carries little weight

The war in maps

Mapping Israel’s war in Gaza

Our satellite tracking of the conflict with Hamas, updated regularly

The view from the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin’s plan to profit from the Israel-Hamas war

Russia and China spy an opportunity to distract and discredit America

Tunnel vision

Hamas tunnels under Gaza will be a key battlefield for Israel

Underground warfare is terrifying, claustrophobic and slow

Heavy weaponry

Israel’s tank commanders are studying Russia’s mistakes

Armour will be central to a Gaza invasion, despite its vulnerabilities

The coming ground invasion

Is Israel acting within the laws of war?

Even lawful evacuations and attacks on Hamas will exact a heavy civilian toll in Gaza

The darkest day

Hamas’s attack was the bloodiest in Israel’s history

More Jews were killed on October 7th than on any day since the Holocaust

From shock to fury

Hamas’s atrocities and Israel’s retaliation will change both sides for ever

The miscalculations of Israel’s and Gaza’s leaders are being laid bare

Resisting the call, for now

Hamas has failed to rally the Middle East to its cause

But it has managed to demolish America’s plans for the region