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Gazans are rapidly losing access to the internet

Here’s what that means in a war zone

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Imperial borders still shape politics in Poland

Support for political parties today closely tracks old frontiers

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A short history of the Arab-Israeli conflict

Explaining the complex crisis in maps

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Southern Gaza could become more densely populated than Delhi

An influx of displaced people will make it one of the most crammed places anywhere

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2023 looks set to be a watershed year for the climate

Data for September add to a worrying trend

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America may soon be spending more on debt service than defence

Official estimates show that net interest costs will reach 3% of GDP by 2028

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Australians are no longer united on Aboriginal rights

The “Voice” referendum to give indigenous people more influence in politics is likely to fail

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Where will the next coup be in Africa?

In a dictatorship or a war-torn country

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At what age do you hit the peak of your career?

Evidence from 200 Nobel laureates

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Don’t blame “quiet quitting” on Gen-Z

A global index of workplace attitudes suggests that it is more widespread

All work and no play

Productivity has grown faster in western Europe than in America

Long hours and a strong dollar give America the lead in GDP per person