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Complex saviours

The new tech worldview

Silicon Valley may be coming down to earth. Not so tech’s big thinkers

The weight of the world

The economics of thinness

It is economically rational for ambitious women to try as hard as possible to be thin

The myth of the holy cow

India’s movement to protect cows is rooted in politics, not religion

How the Hindu right co-opted the cow

A tale of oil and rubber

What Brazil’s 19th-century rubber crash could teach today’s oil drillers

Two Brazilian booms bookmark the history of the car

Use your loaf

How food affects the mind, as well as the body

It turns out you are what you eat after all

Time lords

In a corner of Java live the Amish of Indonesia

The Baduy of Indonesia shun modernity. But growing numbers are abandoning their way of life

All uncreated men are equal

Should we care about people who need never exist?

How do you value a life not yet lived?

Secrets of the shallows

A megadrought has revealed a possible mafia murder mystery

Las Vegas has a long history with the mob

The three knife trilogy

Emigrants from a small corner of China are making an outsize mark abroad

Chinese migrants from Wenzhou are strikingly different from their compatriots