The Americas


Joe Biden lifts sanctions on Venezuela, but not without conditions

Nicolás Maduro’s government will have to hold its side of the bargain

Democratic display

Bernardo Arévalo is still battling to become Guatemala’s president

The anti-corruption campaigner has faced a series of hurdles

The radical option

Can Argentina’s next president fix the economy? Don’t count on it

Javier Milei still leads the polls. But the country needs more than dollarisation

Back to the future

Pemex is the world’s most indebted oil company

Why is the Mexican government propping it up?

Pronoun politics

The culture wars have come to Canada

Scott Moe invokes a rarely used clause to impose his pronoun policy

The Mexican model?

Mexico’s government is suing American gun manufacturers

If successful, Caribbean governments may follow suit

Fishy business

South American governments are trying to curb illegal fishing

Ecuador and Peru are doing a better job than Argentina and Uruguay

In the crosshairs

The Caribbean is awash with illegal American guns

Governments are trying to stem increasing bloodshed

Criminal enterprise

Mexico’s gangs could be the country’s fifth-biggest employer

A recent paper suggests a novel way to curb their power

A textbook row

Andrés Manuel López Obrador puts his stamp on Mexico’s schools

Some parents and politicians are putting up a fight

Canada’s embattled prime minister

The spat with India only adds to Justin Trudeau’s woes

Support for his government was faltering even before the squabble

Sertanejo swagger

Brazil’s hinterland now resembles Texas

It is a land of “roughs”, not playboys