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Latest stories

How to deal with the global anti-climate backlash

Minimise the cost and hassle that green policies impose on households

The global backlash against climate policies has begun

Cost, convenience and conspiracy-mongering undercut support for greenery

How carbon prices are taking over the world

A quarter of global emissions are now covered, and the share is rising fast

Green protectionism comes with big risks

Some analysts worry that new laws could slow the green transition

Can Europe’s power grid cope with the green transition?

The boss of Germany’s biggest grid operator sure hopes so

Saudi Arabia wants to become a force in electric-vehicle manufacturing

Its ambitions may yet meet a number of obstacles

David Keith on why carbon removal won’t save big oil but may help the climate



California cracks down on carbon

It is not just attacking big oil. Big everything is in the line of fire

Electric two-wheelers are creating a buzz in Asia

Cross-border tie-ups hope to make battery-swapping mainstream

El Niño has started. Preparations must too

It will bring chaotic weather to much of the world

Lessons from the blaze that levelled Lahaina

A deadly wildfire on Maui steals Hawaiians’ homes and history

Herders and farmers seek reasons for east Africa’s drought

Was it climate change, conflict, or the wrath of God?


Business and finance

Climate change is coming for America’s property market

Insurance is supposed to signal risk. Policymakers should let it

Renewable energy has hidden costs

Why it is often more expensive than policymakers expect to go green

How to avoid a green-metals crunch

With ingenuity, a 6.5bn-tonne problem may be dodged

Heat pumps show how hard decarbonisation will be

The row over them portends more backlashes against greenery

How climate change will hit holidaymaking

Extreme weather will affect where tourists go and when

Tesla’s surprising new route to EV domination

Become more like the industry you disrupted


Science and data

Propane-powered heat pumps are greener

And easier to install in leaky old buildings

Long feared, volcanoes help the planet

A new book argues that volcanoes aid with carbon capture and environmental resets

El Niño and global warming are mixing in alarming ways

Havoc in poor countries and commodities markets is inevitable

Superbatteries will transform the performance of EVs

Provided manufacturers can find enough raw materials to make them

Corals are bleaching and dying earlier in the year than ever before

Scientists are evacuating corals off the coast of Florida to save them

Why the fires in Hawaii have been so bad

Fires need dry fuel and high winds, and both were in plentiful supply


Climate videos

Video Ocean “dead zones”

How chemical pollution is suffocating the sea

Many parts of the ocean are being starved of oxygen. This threatens marine life and adds to climate change

Video Climate change

Was COP26 a success?

Our correspondent runs through the most important takeaways from the UN climate conference

Video Climate Essentials

Can carbon markets reduce carbon emissions?

So far, progress has been slow

Video The future of food

Eating our way to a more sustainable future

Insects, lab-grown meat and vertically-farmed produce could all be on our plates

Video Climate Change

Who should fix climate change?

Governments, companies or individuals?

Video The green transition

How can the world’s energy be decarbonised?

We answer your questions on how the sector can become more sustainable


Understanding climate change

Why people struggle to understand climate risk

The confusion inherent in a hotter world

Climate adaptation policies are needed more than ever

People are already suffering from catastrophic losses as a result of extreme weather events like cyclone Amphan

The world’s energy system must be transformed completely

It has been changed before, but never as fast or fully as must happen now

Damage from climate change will be widespread and sometimes surprising

It will go far beyond drought, melting ice sheets and crop failures

Humanity’s immense impact on Earth’s climate and carbon cycle

Much needs to be done for the damage to be reversed

How modelling articulates the science of climate change

From paper and pencil to the world’s fastest computers