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Inside the volunteer hunt for Israel’s hostages

Frustrated by the government’s response, grassroots organisations are springing up


Hamas’s deadly “phantom”: the man behind the attacks

Muhammad Deif transformed the militant group from a cluster of terror cells into a force capable of invading Israel


How one kibbutz defended itself from Hamas

Hundreds were saved. But a group of Gazan farmers died in the battle


Sex guru, cosplayer, economist: will Javier Milei be Argentina’s next president?

He has unorthodox ideas for reviving the economy. But his pugnacity and embrace of the far-right may do further damage to the country


People in Gaza hate the night. All they can see are explosions

Palestinians hide in the darkness, waiting for a ground offensive


“It’s an Anne Frank situation”: an Israeli professor hides from Hamas

I barricaded myself in my safe room and struggled to comprehend what was going on


Abortion bans in America are corroding some doctors’ souls

Limits on treatment for pregnant women could put physicians at risk of moral injury


An autistic Ukrainian boy lived by routine. Then the Russians upended his world

Under occupation, no one has an ordinary life


Who moved my chips? Life in an AI entrepreneurs’ houseshare

In Cerebral Valley in San Francisco, the next generation of tech billionaires is optimising its lifestyle


The surprising triumph of “Africa’s Kim Jong Un”

Eritrea’s Mao-reading president used to seem like a relic. Now Issaias Afwerki is on a roll


It’s not the drone strikes that are hurting Moscow, it’s the traffic jams

Ukraine’s campaign has caused limited damage, but Muscovites are finding it harder to get about


The secrets to sorority admission? Perfect highlights and an image consultant

Parents are paying thousands to help their daughters beat the competition