Science & technology

The weather underground

What a Serbian cave tells you about the weather 2,500 years ago

Like ice cores, stalagmites preserve a long record of the climate

Unrolled at last

AI could help unearth a trove of lost classical texts

Computers could let archaeologists read hundreds of burnt scrolls from a Roman library

Sleep tight!

It’s not just Paris. Bedbugs are resurgent everywhere

Like bacteria, the insects are becoming resistant to the chemicals used to kill them

News you can use

How to predict the outcome of a coin toss

Coins are fair. Their tossers, less so


Scientists have published an atlas of the brain

Cataloguing its components may help understand how it works

It’s all academic

American and Chinese scientists are decoupling, too

That will be bad for both countries

Camp followers

Like human armies, army ants trail crowds of hangers-on

One insect’s leavings is another’s dinner

Meet George Jetson

A flying car that anyone can use will soon go on sale

No pilot’s licence will be necessary to fly the Helix

Scientific gong season

The 2023 Nobel prizes honour work that touched millions of lives

Besides mRNA vaccines, they celebrate ultra-fast lasers and tiny prisons for light

Don’t you see, it all makes sense!

Did bitcoin leak from an American spy lab?

No. But the theory is spreading online

What’s yours is mine

How plundered Gaulish silver ended up in Roman coins

Ancient monetary policy could be seriously aggressive

Prisons for light

A Nobel prize for quantum dottiness

Best known in high-end TVs, quantum dots could also end up in quantum computers