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Prosecuting war crimes

Amal Clooney and Rupert Skilbeck on why Britain fails to hold war criminals to account

Three reforms are needed to make its international justice efforts more robust, say the lawyers

The Israel-Hamas conflict

Naftali Bennett argues that Israel’s future depends on striking fear into its enemies’ hearts

Regional foes must be confronted in new ways, says Israel’s former prime minister

How wars are fought

David Petraeus and Andrew Roberts on Ukraine and the future of warfare

A war between the most advanced armed forces would look very different, say the ex-general and historian

Israel and the Palestinians

Nasser al-Kidwa on why it was inevitable that Gaza would erupt in violence

The Palestinian movement can be reinvigorated, if it is restructured, says the former Palestinian foreign minister

Poland at the polls

Jaroslaw Kuisz on the testy relationship between Poland and Ukraine

The outcome of the Polish election will be felt across eastern Europe, says the political analyst and essayist

Israel and the Palestinians

Nimrod Novik on the false premises and failure of vision that led to the Hamas attacks

In the long run, Israelis have no partner for peace other than the Palestinian Authority

Israel and the Palestinians

The Palestinian cause has been damaged by factionalism, argues a former prime minister

Salam Fayyad believes that even now there is a route to greater unity—and eventual peace

Israel and the Palestinians

The crisis shows the failure of Israeli policy towards Palestinians, says Shlomo Brom

The former military strategist argues that a divide-and-conquer strategy can never bring peace

British competitiveness

Sharon Todd on turning Britain into a science superpower

It urgently needs an industrial strategy, argues the head of a science and innovation charity

Women and the workforce

Melinda French Gates on how leaders can boost women’s economic power

The case for doing so has never been stronger, argues the philanthropist


Javier Milei argues that Argentina’s central bank should not exist

Nor is there a future with the peso, says the presidential front-runner

Climate change

David Keith on why carbon removal won’t save big oil but may help the climate

Greens should cheer the blurring of the industry’s interests, says the academic