Xi Jinping wants to be loved by the global south

China presented the Belt and Road Forum as an oasis of peace in a dangerous world

Women’s rights

Chinese feminists are rebuilding their movement abroad

Stand-up comedy is one means of resistance

Training days

China is educating engineers around the world

Its technical schools are less controversial than its Confucius Institutes

Property in Hong Kong

A landslip in Hong Kong fuels resentment of the rich

Grand houses sprawl beyond their plots

Stressed-out grannies

Babysitting duties are stressing China’s grandparents

Having three generations under one roof is no longer the solution to child care


China’s ties with America are warming, a bit

Xi Jinping may be on a charm offensive, but America remains the villain

Xi’s Midas touch

Xi Jinping bumps up the share prices of firms he visits

But the effect is brief

A pox on your houses

Amid turmoil in China’s property market, the public seethes

Anger is turning against the tycoons who profited from a house-building boom

The favoured GI

An unusual museum in China is dedicated to Vinegar Joe

Xi Jinping has a soft spot for the second-world-war general

Viral slurs

Many of the world’s new mpox cases are in China

Conservatism and nationalism are blocking efforts to curb the disease’s spread

The young and the nationalist

Communist rappers are luring young disgruntled Chinese

The party’s youth wing is growing inside companies

An absurd life sentence

China’s persecution of Uyghurs extends to those it once favoured

The punishment of Rahile Dawut speaks volumes