The world economy

Homeland Economics

Governments across the world are rediscovering industrial policy. They are making a big mistake, argues Callum Williams

Redividing the world

Governments across the world are discovering “homeland economics”

But introducing industrial policy is a big mistake, argues Callum Williams

Demand for supplies

Attempts to make supply chains “resilient” are likely to fail

And they are likely to be costly

State v market

“Homeland economics” will make the world poorer

Industrial policy and protectionism could endanger trade, without making Western economies safer

Missing the point

New industrial policies will make the world more unequal

Workers in the developing world will especially lose out


Green protectionism comes with big risks

Some analysts worry that new laws could slow the green transition

In search of a problem

New industrial policies will not help economic stability

Globalisation has not been perfect but it has been effective


Video: Busting globalisation myths

How our correspondent followed his hunch about protectionism

The world economy

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