In search of forever

Slowing, let alone reversing, the process of ageing was once alchemical fantasy. Now it is a subject of serious research and investment, Geoffrey Carr reports

In search of forever

Slowing human ageing is now the subject of serious research

And some of it is making progress, writes Geoffrey Carr

Don’t be greedy

Eating fewer calories can ward off ageing

And various existing medicines may offer similar benefits

Out with the old

Ageing bodies need to get rid of decrepit cells

Senolytics and cellular rejuvenation could hold the key

Of bowheads and borzois

Alternatives to the laboratory mouse

Researchers are looking at whales, sparrows and large dogs

You can’t have everything

Older genomes have more dodgy genes

Can evolution’s trade-offs be avoided?

Give us the tools

Fighting ageing requires properly equipped cells

Keeping the right proteins in the right amounts

Blood and guts

What the young can give to the old

Can gut microbes and blood be gifts of youth?

A design for living

Some claim human lifespans can be lengthened indefinitely

Why not try a “country club for precision diagnostics” while you wait?


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